A wise man said if you must love anything, love politics . Because Politics determines the quality of Education our Children will get, the quality of health care for all, the standard of infrastructure in the society, the level of security in the society, the number of jobs being created or lost, if the economy is been expanded, politics will determine if the youths and women will be prioritized.

So yes, we must get involved and interested in the political process. Though we may not all run for office, we can all get involved. Personally, I have decided to get involved in politics, and I am running for Federal House Respresentative of Abia state. Abia state is in dire need of a resuscitation, and what I have prepared for our beloved state is a resuscitation plan, which entails bringing together our best minds, young and old, men and women, to help make the resuscitation a reality, as I personally cannot do it alone. Nation-building they say is a collective effort.

I may not have the answer to every question, but with our collective strength, we can address every question and proffer solutions to every limitation. Below is a brief overview of my plans and visions for Abia state.

My Vision and plans for Abia state.

Accountability and Accessibility

I want to see an Abia state where leaders are accountable and accessible to the people. This factor is a key determinant to tell if a leader is going to succeed or fail. Anyone who is not accountable cannot make a good leader. When elected Federal House Respresentative of Abia state, accountability will be a watchword in the state, the income, expenses, revenue, allocation, etc. State coffer leakages recorded as miscellaneous will not be miscellaneous anymore, they will be accounted for. On accessibility, due to the egalitarian nature of Ndigbo, I have a belief that people within a community understand their problems more than anyone else. And the best way to know their problems is to hear from them by making yourself accessible to them. Leaders who are inaccessible are always at the risk of being misled by ‘yesmen’ who surround them. My leadership will restore the era of regular town hall meetings, media convergences, press briefings, online engagement via Zoom, Clubhouse, Twitter space, Facebook and Instagram live, etc. These are mediums through which 21st-century leaders engage with the masses, and we will not shy away from them. When leaders are accessible, everyone feels connected to the government. Africa does not need great men leaders, who always feel like some divine gift to humanity, Africa is in need of servant leaders. Accessibility is a virtue of servant leaders..


Pay Teachers First Policy: This is the least we can do for teachers who we entrust to impact the lives of our children positively. In 2023, we will kick start a Pay Teachers First (PTF) policy in Abia state. This policy will ensure that teachers are paid before the political officeholders. Research has shown that when Teachers are motivated, the students are the biggest beneficiaries. Failure to prioritize the teachers means failure to prioritize the children. Training of Teachers and Equipping of schools: We want our students to hold down the fort when paired with children from any part of the world. We have to create a dynamic and knowledge-based education system. The basis needed to achieve this is by keeping the teachers updated with the relevant 21st-century skillset they need and also equipping them with the tools they need to carry out the objective. .


Health they say is wealth. We will give utmost priority to the health of the people of Abia state, and one way to do this is by ensuring mothers, children, and the general populace have access to affordable and quality healthcare. I envision an Abia state where each of our 17 local governments has a standard and equipped medical facility where medical operations can take place without hassle which the people can trust. We will invest in the people by investing in their health.


The infrastructure in Abia state is in dire need of resuscitation, from Umuahia to Aba to Ohafia to Uturu, etc. Our roads have a gigantic room for improvement. This is an effective means of reducing poverty for rural residents. The poor state of infrastructure is now a reason why Abia state is losing a lot of jobs. Factories are shutting down at an alarming rate. We have many dilapidated roads in the state that have been awarded at some point or another since the return of democracy in 1999, but sadly, these projects are been executed below standard or not executed at all. In Alaigbo today, we still have roads constructed during the days of late Sam Mbakwe and Michael Okpara that are in solid conditions. But these days road contracts awarded and paid for using taxpayers' money barely make it past a season of rainfall. I visited the Ojukwu, in 2017 and out of curiosity, I asked was this constructed by German or Israeli engineers, and to my amazement, I was told that this bunker was constructed by home-based engineers, and as a matter of fact, it was constructed in just 3 months, and I thought to myself, with the crop of leaders we have had recently, how long and how much will it take them to construct such structure. It, therefore, appears that despite all the global technological exploits, 53 years later, Abia state appears to be slow and steady moving backward. My resuscitation plan is all about realigning with the beautiful trajectory during the days of Michael Okpara. Finally, we also have to ensure that rural communities all have access to the major markets and urban centers. .

Job Creation and economic expansion

Job Creation and economic expansion: The brain drain in Abia state is very high, and a major reason for this is the fact that we have numerous dormant sectors (sleeping sectors). These are sectors that barely exist in the state and are unharnessed, yet they have global high employability prospects. Some of these dormant sectors are the tech and fintech sectors, arts and tourism sector, night economy, sport-value-chain. While other sectors like Agriculture, Healthcare, industrialization, and Education will be properly expanded. Globally, these sectors create millions of jobs, and the main beneficiaries in these sectors are mostly the youths. I envision an Abia state where the dormant sectors of today are fully functional and are creating ample jobs for our youth..


The security situation in Abia state has many rooms for improvement, and this cannot be effectively addressed by addressing the root cause. Insecurity is a distant relative of agitation. Agitation as a result of unemployment, agitation as a result of hunger, agitation as a result of over-militarization of the state, agitation as a result of the poor educational system, agitation as a result of poor infrastructure, etc. When we fix society and ensure that our youth are gainfully employed, this will minimize the level of insecurity in the state. When we protect and look out for the interest of the youths, this will help bolster security in the state. .

Youth inclusion in decision making

Youth at table Policy: When you build the youths, you build the nation. The youth have a lot to offer. I believe the youths should always have a seat at the table during the decision-making, as every decision affects them the most. This is why when elected Federal House Respresentative of Abia state, I advocate for a mandatory 25% youth inclusion at every table of decision making. The mandatory youth at table policy is intended to achieve 2 things
•Groom 1,000 young leaders
•Restore vibrancy to Abia state ( There is a shortage of youthful ideas in the state, and this policy will address it) .

Collaboration with the Diaspora

The diaspora brings so much value to the system through foreign direct investment (FDI), Diaspora Remittances, and technical expertise. When elected Federal House Respresentative of Abia state, I intend to work closely with the diaspora to better the fortune of the people of Abia state. We are fortunate and blessed to have prominent sons and daughters from Abia state who doing amazing things around the world. If we can get the diaspora to believe in the government, the value they can bring in can help catapult Abia state to an unprecedented horizon. The Diaspora can help us establish an efficient and effective Public, Private Partnership. .


The Bible made it clear that a worker deserves his wage. There should be no reason why aged retirees who dedicated years of their lives serving our beloved state should be denied their pensions. I sympathize with this group and will ensure that their pensions are prioritized..